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Gateron Milky Blue Clicky Switch

Gateron Milky Blue Clicky Switches

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The best alternatives to Cherry MX switches, Gateron's are known for being smooth yet affordable and offered in a wide variety of styles to suit your own typing needs. The milky version of the original switches provides a smoother feel.

Gateron Milky Clear:    Linear | 4.0mm travel | 35g Actuation
Gateron Milky Red:      Linear | 4.0mm travel | 45g Actuation 
Gateron Milky Yellow:  Linear | 4.0mm travel | 50g Actuation
Gateron Milky Black:    Linear | 4.0mm travel | 60g Actuation

Gateron Milky Brown:  Tactile | 4.0mm travel | 45g Actuation

Gateron Milky Blue:  Clicky | 4.0mm travel | 55g Actuation
Gateron Milky Green:  Clicky | 4.0mm travel | 65g Actuation