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Kailh Speed Bronze Clicky Switch

Kailh Speed Bronze Clicky Switches

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Kailh speed switches are shortened versions of their existing MX-style switches - allowing for faster actuation and intended for gaming. Comes in 4 different colors - Silver (Linear), Copper (Tactile), Bronze (Clicky), and Gold (Clicky)

Kailh Speed Silver       Linear | 1.1mm travel | 50g actuation | 70g bottom
Kailh Speed Copper    Tactile | 1.4mm travel | 50g actuation | 60g bottom
Kailh Speed Bronze   Clicky | 1.1mm travel | 50g actuation | 65g bottom
Kailh Speed Gold        Clicky | 1.4mm travel | 50g actuation | 60g bottom